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Sneak Peek at "Faces" Pilot Movie!

The actual release of "Faces" is still a long way away, as it's currently still in production.  However, we're releasing a completed scene for your viewing pleasure!  This scene doesn't give much away, but if questions come up, they will be answered in the pilot, itself.

 The scene is the series premiere of the Lieutenant S'tok character, voiced by Jesse Hampton.  She's only got a few lines in this part, however her importance will be made known during the pilot movie.  This scene also features series producer Michael Yamazaki as "Sirkov." 

So now we are proud to present a 1 minute snippet from "Faces," the Star Trek Universe pilot movie!  Enjoy!

Facebook and Website Update!

H23(2011)/9/29 - As most of you already know, Captain Chase's vignette "Two Weeks," starring Jason Donner, is available for podcast streaming.  On Saturday, just in time for the weekend, Master Chief Coridin's Vignette, "Training Day," will be available as well on the podcast.

We plan to merge the ENTERPRISE HISTORY and the ABOUT THE ENTERPRISE-G sections together, as we are in the early stages of bringing you full crew profiles.  These will be the characters you will see on screen as well in the pilot episode.

 For right now, on the Facebook community site, the Coridin vignette is available for download at the Megaupload link provided on the main page.  "Like" our page for full access to a ton of features.  Remember, you will be able to comment only as part of the Facebook community; this website will not host forums.

5 down, just 3 more to go!  Coming soon are the vignette from Lt. S'tok, Cmdr. Ogaki and Lt. Cmdr. Strom!  Stick around, there's more to come!

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