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Captains of the Enterprise (Starting from present, going back in time)

Below is a list of starships named "ENTERPRISE" that were commissioned in STARFLEET (including Pre-Federation history)

Densetsu-Class Starship
Commissioned: 2421
Commanding Officer: Captain Alexander Chase (New York, Earth)
Status: Currently in Service

Legendary Class
Commissioned: 2410
Commanding Officer: Captain Tuvok (T'Pol City, Vulcan)
Status: Destroyed

Sovereign Class
Commissioned: 2372
Commanding Officers:

  • Captain Jean-Luc Picard (2372-2380)
  • Captain Data (2380-2409)

Status: Destroyed

Galaxy Class
Commissioned: 2363
Commanding Officers:

  • Captain Jean-Luc Picard (2363-2365 - LeBarre, France, Earth)
  • (A)Captain William Riker (2365-2366 - Juno, Alaska, Earth)
  • Captain Jean-Luc Picard (2366-2368)
  • Captain Edward Jellico (2368-2369 - Los Angeles, Earth)
  • Captain Jean-Luc Picard (2369-2371)

Status: Destroyed

Ambassador Class
Commissioned: 2340
Commanding Officer: Captain Rachel Garrett (2340-2344 - Oklahoma City, Earth)
Status: Destroyed, All Hands

Excelsior Class
Commissioned: 2293
Commanding Officers

  • Captain John Harriman (Cleveland, Earth - 2293-2411)
  • Captain Saavik (T'Kur City, Vulcan - 2411-2426)

Status: Decommissioned

Constitution(R) Class
Commissioned: 2286
Commanding Officer: Captain James Kirk (Riverside, Earth - 2286-2291)
Status: Decommissioned

United Federation of Planets
Constitution Class
Commissioned: 2246
Commanding Officers:

  • Captain Robert April (St. Louis, Earth - 2246)
  • Captain Christopher Pike (San Francisco, Earth - 2246-2264)
  • Captain James Kirk (2265-2267)
  • Captain Willard Decker (San Francisco, Earth - 2267-2270)
  • Captain James Kirk (2270-2275)
  • Captain Spock (Mt. Salaya, Vulcan - 2275-2282)
  • Admiral James Kirk (2282-2285)

Status: Destroyed

United Earth Space Probe Agency

Commissioned: 2151
Commanding Officer: Captain Jonathan Archer (Saratoga Springs, NY, Earth - 2151-2161)
Status: Decommissioned

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