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Riots on Romulan/Klingon Border Worlds Erupt after Mass Execution  Refugees seeking aid from the Federation never make it across the Neutral Zone, Starfleet observes.

By Barry Harmon (8 January 2390) - San Francisco, Earth - A story straight from Starfleet Command, at least Romulans 6,000 die as a direct result of Klingon raids on Neutral Zone traffic hauling what it calls "illegal immigrants" into Federation space.  The refugee convoy, part of an exodus movement that's been going on in the last few years since the destruction of Romulus when their home star, Hobus, went supernova, was attacked and destroyed by Klingon patrols acting "on behalf of (the) Federation," a Klingon spokesman said.

Romulan civilians, in a panic, began to riot on at least sixteen border worlds.  The looting began when several hulks of three Romulan carrier ships, which had been used to haul 2,000 Romulans into Federation space, were towed across the border and into Klingon space, where their pictures were sent via subspace, "as a warning to any Romulan who seeks to aid the Federation in betraying their commitment to the (Klingon) Empire."

"It is necessary to take these extreme measures," said Chancellor Mulketh of the Klingon High Council.  "No one seeks war with our most important ally, so we are honoring our integrity by not allowing the Federation to soil theirs."

Federation President-Elect Clark Robins, who is set to take the oath of office in just a few days, spoke out against the Klingon military action.  "Their actions are a blatant violation of the Khitomer Accords.  The mass murder of innocent lives as they seek refuge within our space is unforgivable.  If the Klingons do not atone, somehow, for this horrific sin, then as my first act as President, I will ask the Federation Council to reenact the Archer Accords and reestablish the Neutral Zone between the Klingon Empire and Federation Space."  The President-Elect followed up that he knew exactly what the military implications of any reenactment of the Archer Accords would set.

"Anything short of the reestablishment of the Organian Peace Treaty, in concert with the Archer Accords, is going to incite riots on our side of the border," Federation Councilman Kuweth (Unitarian, Angel One) said to the President-Elect's proclamation.  "It's not something that will have large support in the Council Chamber."

Councilman for President-Elect Robins' Conservative party, R'pon of Vulcan, claims otherwise.  With the Conservatives with a vast majority rule over the Unitarians for this term, after taking office, anything Robins needs, he may very well get.  "Support for the President-Elect is overwhelming.  It would be illogical for the Unitarians to make a claim that any measure he must logically bring forward has little support."

R'pon would be right.  Councilman Michael V. Harvard (Unitarian, Earth), who is the Council Minority Whip for the Unitarian Party, agrees with R'pon's statement, as well as, Kuweth's.  "As a party, we will stand behind the President-Elect, when he takes office.  His policy will work in the best interest of the Federation and has overwhelming support in the Council.  But yes, I do believe we must prepare for looting and rioting just like those that are taking place on the Romulan border worlds.  They are rightfully angry, as are we."

So far, the Klingons have not made any comment from the President-Elect's bold statement.  However, the Romulans, just as they have begun to commit an unusually large amount of resources to an uninhabited world, say that any action to protect innocent lives, on behalf of the Federation, will lead to a stronger peaceful relationship between them.  The Romulan representatives were unable to comment at this time, due to a "public works" project being undertaken on an uninhabited world 

"Operation: Righteous Eagle" Commences, Reports of Skirmishes on the Romulan/Klingon Border

By Marcus Hemmington, FNN (18 May 2389) -San Francisco, Earth - Last night at 0230 Universal Time, the 245th Task Force, lead by Commodore Kaylin Admiral of the USS Farragut, departed Starbase 248, headed for the Romulan Border.  Its mission: to deliver relief supplies to Romulan colonies that have fallen into economic and sociopolitical decay since the destruction of Romulus.  It's been dubbed as "Operation: Righteous Eagle," named for the English translation of the title given to the Romulan warrior Horus, who brought the Romulan people together after a three-century long civil war once the Romulans landed on their new homeworld after being exiled from Vulcan.  Much like Horus, who saved the Romulans from their own shortcomings, so Starfleet seeks to repeat for them as well, in the interest of galactic peace.

However, that peace is a long way off.

In Sector 92-Delta, in a binary solar system of one planet and a huge asteroid field, a battle between a Romulan police task force and a small flotilla of Klingon warships erupted.  It was the third such action in the span of a week on the side of the Klingon Empire.  General Saulk, tactical adviser to outgoing Chancellor Martok, praised the action from the Klingon task force.  "They seek to bring great honor to the Empire; something that which the Federation has turned their back on."

"I see no reason to give pause regarding the Federation's actions towards the Romulans," Chancellor Martok, himself, was quoted during a closed session of the Klingon High Council.  Martok's pro-Federation views are not widely shared in the modern age of Klingon politics, which is leading to his resignation which is to take effect early summer, Earth Northern Hemisphere Seasonal Time.  "Our allies know what they are doing."

"They know not what they do," Saulk followed up.  He wouldn't say whether or not he would authorize the task forces to engage Starfleet vessels if encountered in the combat zones directly.  However, Saulk did warn that if Starfleet were to find their way into one of these zones that "it would be beneficial to their overall health to decide which side they're on."

For now, in spite of the Klingons' ongoing campaign to keep the Romulans from funneling their masses into their territory, Starfleet will forge on with Operation: Righteous Eagle.  "It is vital we get these supplies to the people who need them the most," Commodore Admiral said in a press conference from aboard Farragut.  "We cannot stand by and let innocent people suffer just because they were once our enemies.  (The Romulans) are in no position to be anyone's enemy right now, and it's vital to their well being that we help them survive; not to make stronger, but to make sure they can stand on their own.  And we won't stop until that's accomplished."

Information on the Klingon front was provided, via subspace net dispatches provided to FNN through Starfleet's public military channel.

REFUGEES SEEK SAFE HAVEN (Allies Demand Closed Borders)

By Eliot Mour, FNN (1 July 2387) - SECTOR 162 - It's been almost a month since the Volkari Provisions went into effect on the Sato 2160 Treaty.  The allowance of free movement between the Federation and Romulan Empires has lead to a vast number of Romulan refugees to cross into Federation space, as well as enabling Starfleet to establish "relief camps" on border planets.  "At first, we weren't ready for the numbers that would come over," said Rear Admiral Timothy P. Wilkins of Starfleet's 12th Fleet.  "We've had to dispatch additional ships into the area just to make sure no one tries anything stupid."

 "We've set up customs and border stations both in space and on key planets in the Neutral Zone," reports Federation Immigrations Department Chief Commander Horkorgon.  "Anyone seeking refugee status within Federation space is welcome to fill out the necessary forms to obtain the visas necessary to transit Federation space."  When asked if the Tal'shiar, the Romulan special security sector, is cooperating with completing background checks on would-be refugees coming into Federation space, Horkorgon added, "With the civilians, yes.  Obviously, military commanders would have to apply for asylum, since leaving the Star Empire would be treason."

The efforts to help sort out the refugee problem has run into roadblocks.  The ever present Romulan rogues who have taken the "Rite of Vengeance" are a clear and present danger to Federation traffic.  And, of course, the Klingon Empire has voiced concerns over the Federation allowing Romulan refugees to leave the Neutral Zone.

"It is not in the best interest of the alliance with the Federation," said Klingon High Councilman Nor'kubrek on a political subspace address within the Empire.  "If (the Federation) continues to allow the Romulans to come into their space, we may find that the Federation is aiding and abetting a blood enemy of the Empire.  It demands justice!"

"Nor'kubrek would be correct," said Ambassador B'Elanna Paris in an interview on Morgan Philips Tonight (an FNN prime time news program).  When asked if she believed the Klingon Empire would act out their anger on the Federation over their dealings with the Romulans, Ambassador Paris noted, "When, in history, have you known the Klingons to not act?"

Retiring Chancellor Martok, who has lost favor within the Empire due to his pro-Federation stand, condones Councilman Nor'kubrek's calls of aggression against the Federation. "To do so would be an act of dishonor against our Federation allies," the Chancellor said in a rare statement on Monday of last week.  "We must show resolve.  The Romulans are no longer a threat to anyone.  We should celebrate their defeat at the hands of the Hobius supernova!"

That call to solidarity isn't shared amongst the rest of the High Council.  "Martok stands alone," proclaimed Councilman Mulketh, who is a favorite to take over as Chancellor when Martok steps down.  "He does not seek a strong Empire, and we shall be the ones who will give the Klingon people their honor back, and stand apart from the Federation, should they continue to help the dishonorable slime that oozes forth from the Neutral Zone!"

Our various FNN team members across the Alpha and Beta Quadrants contributed to this report.


The Sato Treaty of 2160 to be Reviewed
 By Marcus Hemmington, FNN (8 June 2387) SAN FRANCISCO, EARTH - It was an extremely busy day for the members of the Federation Council as an emergency session was called to order this morning (June 3).  Council Speaker Adrin Volkari (Unitarian, Betazed) pushed for the Unitarian Party's agenda of the month, for the third time in just as long, attempted to gain enough votes to pass an emergency referendum on EA11896, also known as the "Sato Treaty of 2160," which established the first Neutral Zone between Earth and the Romulan Star Empire.  Volkari has been using the destruction of Romulus to push an annulment of several key provisions of the treaty, to allow Starfleet ships to legally mount rescue operations in light of the tragedy that befell the Empire just four months ago.
"It's not just a chance for peace," Volkari said in his opening speech.  "It's a chance for us to do the right thing, and in this case, it's to help a people in need.  That's what Starfleet is all about."
While supporters, who are dubbing the referendum "The Volkari Act," use the Starfleet Charter to push forth the bill, opponents of the Volkari Act were more than vocal on the Council floor.  Ambassador B'Elanna Paris (Quo'noS) warned of the implications of free movement between the Federation and the Romulan Empires.  Many, Paris warned, would see this as the Federation showing favoritism towards the Romulans.  "The Empire's official stand," Paris argued, "is simple.  If the Federation proceeds with legalized aid missions into the Star Empire, it will be seen as an act of dishonor to the treaty between the Federation and the Empire."
Paris wasn't the only one vocal in their opposition to the Volkari plan.
A key member, one who is said to be a prime candidate for President of the Federation, Thomas Hangley (Conservative, Earth) pronounced that if the Federation helps the Romulans, it could bring war.  "Aside from the Borg, the Romulans were the greatest threat to the Federation.  It's been historically documented that the Star Empire has claimed the Federation as their 'blood enemies who must be crushed.'  I strongly advise against altering any provisions of the Sato Treaty; it's suicide for the Federation!"
The session lasted throughout the day, Monday.  Debate is expected to continue through the week, with a vote next Tuesday.  Councilman Kortari (Unitarian, Andoria) is expected to push an emergency voting action motion on Wednesday, which (if passed) would push a final vote from next week to Friday of this week.  Kortari says that the Volkari Act must be approved, to protect the sanctity of the Federation, as well as open a new diplomatic door to the Star Empire.
Federation Council Network News contributed to this report.

AMBASSADOR SPOCK DIES - Legend dies in the line of duty

By Nigel Cunningham, FNN (April 2387) - From a lucrative career in the "Glory Era" of Starfleet, to a controversial diplomatic campaign, one had to almost leave the galaxy to find someone who hasn't heard of Ambassador Spock.  On a mission in the Romulan Sector, Ambassador Spock's ship was destroyed in a black hole event, taking the ship and the Ambassador with it.  He was 157 years old.

Ambassador Spock was born to  the legendary Ambassador Sarek and his wife, Amanda Jenkins on Vulcan.  He was the mixed couple's first child, Sarek's second.  Spock rejected his father's wishes and entered into Starfleet, becoming the first Vulcan-Human to graduate with multiple ratings from the Academy.  Spock's military career took him to new heights, as a young science officer on the USS Destiny, as a young Ensign.  He quickly worked through the ranks on Destiny before being asked to teach "Command Tactics" at Starfleet Academy. 

It was there that (then) Lieutenant Spock developed the Kobayashi Maru test, based off of a pre-Romulan Wars incident between a neutronic fuel carrier (Y-class freighter), Romulan birds of prey, and the NX-01 Enterprise.  In that situation, Enterprise got a taste of a new Romulan weapon.  However, Lieutenant Spock wrote the program to reflect the politics of the times, replacing the Romulans with Klingons.  The simulation was found to be so successful that Starfleet Academy had approved its use as a test for young officers to become "line officers," that is, eligible to command a starship, depending on their score.  

However, it wouldn't be until his time aboard the USS Enterprise that Spock would gain his "legendary status."  Spock served aboard her for over twenty years, almost her entire run, under many captains.  His adventures with Captain James T. Kirk are most famous, and required reading, for children of all levels of education.

After his Starfleet career, Spock entered into politics, following his great father's path.  Spock brokered the original Khitomer Accords, which brought the first true alliance (on paper) between the Federation and the Klingon Empire.  Building from that success, Spock began a life-long campaign to first bridge Vulcan and Romulus, and then the Federation and Romulus.  Both endeavors failed, and with the destruction of Romulus, the rift between the Federation and the Star Empire grew, in spite of Spock's dedication to the cause.

"We hope to be able to build on what Ambassador Spock began," quoted the Unitarian Party's Freshman Councilman, Yulis Venar of Bajor.  "Hopefully, with Romulus in its current state of torment, they'll be more willing to listen to our offers of peace.  Only time will tell."

Memorial services for the late Ambassador will be closed to the public and press.  As with 98.9% of fatalities involving singularities and black holes, no recoverable debris had been discovered at the Hobius black hole event.  Starfleet concluded its investigation into Ambassador Spock's death last week.

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